Simply Su Doku

Simply Su Doku 1.1

The ultimate game for any Su Doku Samurai!

With unlimited replay value, Simply Su Doku challenges players of all ages, skills and abilities. Our puzzle generator can create billions and billions of different puzzle combinations (we calculate a total of 6,670,903,752,021,072,936,960 puzzles can be generated), from easy-peasy to excruciatingly hard. You’ll never ever have the same puzzle twice!

A comprehensive set of handy tools eliminates routine tasks and saves time while leaving the real brainwork to you. Simply Su Doku is all about true Sudoku puzzles that can be solved only with lateral thinking.


  • Billions and billions of true Sudoku puzzles with more replay value than you could possibly ask for. You’ll never run out of puzzles!
  • Multiple difficulty levels challenge players of all levels
  • Enter and solve a hot new puzzle from a newspaper, or create your own from scratch
  • Complete set of handy computer Sudoku tools:

  • Auto pencilmarks

  • Undo move

  • Start over

  • Hint

  • Solve cell

  • Solve puzzle

  • Quick pencilmark input within a single tap in the selected position in the grid cell
  • Anything and everything to track and manage illegal moves:

  • Flag in red

  • Remove incorrect entries

  • Limit input choice

  • Check your progress at any game stage

  • Unlimited save games and quick autosave to continue from where you left off
  • Beautiful and easy-to-use skins to choose from, including a printed newspaper style
  • Walkthrough tutorial to get started with ease

Simply Su Doku


Simply Su Doku 1.1